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Saturday, 7 September 2013

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PTU Vanity Girl 

This tutorial was written by me on September 7, 2013.
It was made out of my own creation and any similarity is purely coincidental.
I used PSPx2 but any version would work.

Artist: Ismael Rac 
You can find his tubes at XeracX Store  HERE 
Do not use this tube unless you have a license. 
Scrap Kit: Vanity Girl by Rieneke Designs
You can find this kit at XeracX Store  HERE 
Mask: WSL 84 (Wee Scott Lass)  HERE 
Template: Template 307 by Millie's PSP Madness  HERE 
Font:  Chopin Script Font  HERE 

Here goes:

The Template first:

Open template in PSP.  Hold down SHIFT button and tap your “D” key.  Close the original template.  Delete the “Credits” layer with her CR info.

I don't like a white background unless I really need one, so I clear the white background by highlighting the Raster 1layer and go to 

Next I changed the canvas size to 800 X 800.  We are gonna do basically the same thing for the following layers, so in an effort to stop repeating myself, here is what you will do for each layer that we change out:



Delete layer. 

So it will go something like this:

You will be changing these layers: layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, layer 4, layer 5, layer 6, layer 7, layer 9, layer 10 and layer 13.  The rest of the layers can be deleted.

Highlight 1.  Follow directions above.  Use Paper 4. Rename it Paper 4 Raster 1. 
Highlight 2.  Same as above.  Use Paper 9.  Rename Paper 9 Raster 2. 
Highlight 3.  Same as above.  Use Paper 6.  Rename Paper 6 Raster 3.
Highlight 4.  Same as above.  Use Paper 10.  Rename Paper 10 Raster 4.
Highlight 5.  Same as above.  Use Paper 10.  Rename Paper 10 Raster 5. 
Highlight 6.  Same as above.  Use Paper 1.  Rename Paper 1 Raster 6.
Highlight 7.  Same as above.  Use Paper 3.  Rename Paper 3 Raster 7.
Highlight 9.  Same as above.  Use Paper 6.  Rename Paper 6 layer 9.
Highlight 10.  Same as above.  Use Paper 5.  Rename Paper 5 layer 10. 
Leave layer 13 as is.  Move all these layers up and to the right corner.
(see tag for placement) 

Now for some elements:

Element 18 – C/P and move to upper right hand corner of tag.  Move this layer under Layer 13.

(see tag for placement)

Element 8 – C/P and move down and move a bit to the right over layer 13.
(see tag for placement)

This is a bit of a frame layer, this is how it went.
Element 11 – C/P and re-size 50%.  Move to bottom right corner of tag.  Grab your magic wand.  Click in the middle of element 11. 
New Raster Layer.  Move under frame layer.  Open Paper 12. Copy and paste into selection.  Keep selected. If you are using the same tube as me, grab the version you like. C/P and re-size 50% then mirror.  Move it into position. Go to SELECTIONS - INVERT - DELETE - SELECTIONS - INVERT.  Duplicate the tube layer.  ADJUST – BLUR – GAUSSIAN BLUR – RADIUS 25 - OK
Change BLEND MODE of copy of tube layer to HARD LIGHT and go to original tube layer and change BLEND MODE to OVERLAY.

(see tag for placement)

Now for more elements:
Element 28 - C/P and re-size 40%.  Mirror and move to bottom right side over element 11.
(see tag for placement)
Element 26 - C/P and re-size 75%.  Move to top left corner of tag.
(see tag for placement)
Element 24 - C/P and re-size 50%.  Move to sit over Paper 5 layer.
(see tag for placement)
Element 27 - C/P and re-size 40%. Move to bottom right corner of tag.
(see tag for placement)
Element 29 - C/P and re-size 30%.  Move to bottom right corner of tag.
(see tag for placement)

Now for the tube(s):
If you are using the same tube as me, C/P the version your choosing to use.  Re-size by 50%.  Move to bottom left corner of tag.

Now for the mask layer:

Open Paper 2.

Highlight very bottom layer.  SELECTIONS - SELECT ALL

Copy and paste Paper 2 into Selection.

Go to LAYERS – NEW MASK LAYER – FROM IMAGE – SOURCE LUMINANCE CHECKED – CHOOSE WSL 84 from the drop down menu – OK.  Duplicate and merge down.  Re-size 110%.

Add drop shadow to layers of your choosing.

I used

V & H 2

Opacity 70

Blur 7

Color Black

 Now you can add name and  © information.  Save as .png and re-size if you wish.

I re-size before I save and add name and © info.
Let me know what you think of this tutorial.




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