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Sunday, 21 April 2013
So, you want to make a mask.  Well I have to tell you, they are quite easy to make.  Here is what you do:

First, in PSP, open a new image.  You can make it any size you like, I usually go for 600 X 600.

Next, you will want to have a background.  I would suggest black (#000000) because it works well when you go to use it.  I have seen lots that have a white background, that is good too.  But when you use a mask with a white background, remember to invert it so that it is used properly.

Next, what I would do is to click on my paintbrush.  I make sure that my foreground color is set to white (#ffffff).  I then choose a paintbrush image that feels good.  Abstract images usually work really well.  I then go to my image and on a new raster layer, I start clicking away till I get something I think might be fun as a background.  You can stay on one layer and click away or have a new layer for each click of the brush.  

Sometimes I will feel like what I created won't show well when used, so here is what else I might do....  I find my circle brush (you can find those right beside the images you scroll through) and on a new raster layer, I click ONCE.  So I have a big white circle in the middle of my mask... well that is unattractive... so I then go to my smudge button, located right beside the paintbrush button.  There is a dropdown menu, you will find the smudger there.  Once I have my smudge button activated, I will go around the edges of the circle to make it less unattractive, how much is up to you.  

Once you are satisfied you have a usable mask.  Save it as a JPeg and voila... you have made yourself a mask.  Pretty easy, right? 

Here is an example:

If you would like to use this particular mask, you can download it here:



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