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Friday, 12 April 2013
... And I am kinda freaked out.  I have never had one of these before and I have no idea what I am doing.  This is scary to me.  It means I am not private any more.

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  1. I've never done one either...but id assume you just talk as if you have people infront of you. That's what id do!

    1. Yeah... I suppose that is what I should do... Thanks Cous. ♥

  2. Just have a conversation with me! Or anyone else.
    I have no idea about this sort of thing either, but I bet you can do it Lise!!
    GOOD LUCK Honey Bunny!!!

    1. Your such a doll Suse... thanks. ♥

  3. i used to read blogs at some point, people mostly talk about their life , decisions and things they are very interested in and want to open the subject with other people,see other opinions and so on :) then again it's about what kind of blog you want to have, you want it to be about share yourself with the world or just another chat room...i guess you can pretty much make it whatever you want ;)

    1. I was hoping to make my mostly about my creativity... but I am sure there will be some personal stuff too... who knows... this is just starting... we will see where it goes from here. ♥

  4. Trying again, It looks awesome Lise, great job!



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